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Pittsburgh Wedding Music and Musician Erik Loeffert

Erik Loeffert is a full time guitarist who has been playing music professionally for nearly 20 years. Because of Erik’s love for all types of music and his dedication to his instrument, he has become well versed and fluent in all styles of music. Erik is an accomplished classical, rock, blues, funk and jazz guitarist. Because Erik desired to work full time as a music teacher and performer, he opened South Hills Music.

Through South Hills Music, Erik has been teaching guitar and booking his live performances since 2002. Erik has also established many music programs for the local community. He has arranging music scores for local churches, arranged and taught musical scores for local schools, and created a rock program placing his students in bands where they perform locally for the community.

Customize Your Music Experience

Ceremony Musicians, Cocktail Hour Musicians, DJ Services or a Live Band

Live music creates the perfect backdrop for any event… let us create the mood you envision. We will help customize the music for your event exactly the way you want it. Before your occasion, Erik will take the necessary time to help you choose a musical program that will compliment your personal style.


Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming experience, Erik’s careful planning will insure that all the wedding processions and entrances flow seamlessly from beginning to end. Whatever your vision for your wedding may be, we will provide you with professional musicians who will give you a wonderful experience!

Quality live music is an essential element to your wedding day. We can play ceremony standards, or you can pick your favorite songs and we will arrange them so they fit your ceremony appropriately.

Options include: classical guitarists, piano, female vocalist, flute

Cocktail Hour / Other Events

Our musicians will perform music in an upbeat, contemporary style that creates a great mood while maintaining the elegance you desire. They will be professional, courteous and friendly to you and your guests.

Most importantly, they will see to it that all of your details are carried through to perfection.

Music Types / Styles: classical, jazz, blues, pop

Live Band

Want to have a unique experience at your reception or event? Why not a live band? Whether you are entertaining wedding guests, clients, employees or friends, the music you choose can be the difference between an event that people rave about – or one that they try to forget.

Our band consists of experienced professional musicians who have several years of experience. The band has over 80 songs to choose from. All types of musical genre’s are available to you. From the classic standards to top 40 hits, we will have your guests dancing and having a great time!

DJ Services

Our DJ service allows you to chose songs for your entire wedding party or other special event. Erik will carefully work with you to develop your own, personal custom playlists, zeroing in on what you and your guests really love!

We have an extensive catalog that includes thousands of songs including the following genres:

50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, Funk, Soul, Pop, Dance, Techno, Alternative, Country, Easy Listening, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lounge, Blues and Folk

You can hear a  selection of music samples on our “Samples” page.
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